With Aktivcopy you now found an reliable Full-Service Partner for all your Digitalprinting.

Professional Digitalprinting

Do you have templates which need to be printed? Whether it`s small or huge formats, we are your Full-Service Partner for your digital printing. Big or small companies, students or pupils, together we will find the best solution for your tasks. Our Service Team won't let you down. Let us convince you with our service, we are looking forward to seeing you. Your Aktivcopy-Team.



For the data transmission via FTP-Server we will condone the access-data individually. Open Mac-Data has to be stuffed because otherwise the mac won't allow them anymore. Open Windows-data can but don`t have to be zipped. PDF-data do not necessarily require any additional formatting. If you are planing to send us your data via FTP. Please call us in advance!

Login: Server: ftp://ftp.aktivcopy.de
User: u49542122-gast
Password: aktivcopy


To get an optimal result you have to apply all colours in your data in cmyk-mode! The same is important for all imported pictures (tiff, eps). Please control the the settings of the overfilling to ensure an uncomplicated procedure. If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to contact us.


Please enclose all fonts used in your documents! Attention Also the fonts hidden in some EPS-data. Please respect the licenses of the fontowners' companies!


Due to our UNIX-Server you should stick to the following rules for the naming of your data to prevent misunderstandings. Mueller, 34567_Meier, 20_7_98, 1234_Texte, Texte_Weiss, Kap_1, Kap_1bis3. Please don't use any spaces between the words, additional characters or umlauts.

Resolution an Quality

up to DIN-A4 300 dpi
up to DIN-A3 200 dpi
up to DIN-A0 150 dpi
Oversized Posters and Banners 50-100 dpi

That is the only way to get christen clear font as a result! Please apply your flyer or poster from the beginning in a high resolution to avoid blurry edges in the grossing up process. The data then should be grossed down before the printing process.

Please view the exported JPEG or PDF, if you see any disorders in the contures (especially with font) that means that your picture is too heavily compressed.